Wedding (2)
Series 04, episode 06
Episode details
Date aired 18 May 2007
Previous episode Holiday
Next episode Burgling

Wedding is the sixth and final episode of Series 4 of Peep Show. It is also the name of a Series 2 episode.


It is the morning of Mark's wedding to Sophie. He is not looking forward to it, and things are only made worse when he discovers Super Hans is hung over, lying in the hallway, and later pukes in his top hat.

Mark drives to the church with Jeremy and stops off at a coffee shop. He desperately asks the coffee girl to marry him, while wearing his tuxedo, because he is so petrified of his own wedding. He realizes on the way out of the coffee shop that if he gets hit by a car, Sophie will probably agree to postpone the wedding. He purposefully jumps in front of a car but the driver stops short and gets angry. Mark tries to get the driver to injure him in a fight, so he begins cursing at him. The driver simply leaves.

Jeremy confesses to Mark that he once kissed Sophie when he was drunk. Mark feels betrayed but is very happy to realize that he finally has a good reason to break off the wedding. He tells Penny, Sophie's mother, about it, but Penny tells him that a drunken kiss is no big deal. Mark decides to hide from the wedding, sitting in the upper level of the church with Jeremy.

Mark and Jeremy both find that everyone is looking for them. When Mark sees Sophie walking down the aisle alone, he pops up from the upper rafters and says he was only hiding as a surprise. Sophie is furious. They reluctantly take their vows and Sophie begins to cry, decidedly not out of joy.

In their car after the wedding, Mark tells her everything is okay and that they've "gotten over the hump". Sophie begins to weep, realizing that Mark referred to their wedding as the "hump" and it becomes clear that they will get the marriage annulled.

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