University Challenge
Series 2, episode 3
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Episode details
Date aired 3 December 2004
Previous episode Local Zero
Next episode The Man Show

University Challenge is the fourth episode of Peep Show Series 2.


Mark meets a girl at a shoe store, a shoe salesgirl named April. She is nerdy and has seemingly low confidence, plus she is beautiful, so Mark comes back another day to thank her for helping him with his shoes, only to find out she's gone to college at Dartmouth, his and Jeremy's alma mater.

Jeremy finds out that Super Hans has been selected to front for a band who is doing a tour which includes playing at Dartmouth. Jeremy winds up being allowed to play the maracas in the band, reluctantly. However, the band is clearly dismissive of Jeremy, not even letting him go in the van with them, so he needs to take a bus with Mark, who wants to go to Dartmouth to see April.

When they arrive Mark pretends to be a mature student in order to get time with April which includes attending an ancient history course taught by the snobbish and intelligent Professor McLeash. The professor is impressed with Mark's knowledge and invites him to a dinner party at his house that night.

Jeremy and Mark go shopping at the corner store, where Jeremy shoplifts chocolate (which Super Hans does in the beginning of the episode, inspiring Jeremy) and it results in Jeremy and Mark leaving a 10 pound note and escaping through the window when they get caught by the store owner.

Mark goes to the dinner party, while Jeremy is ejected from the band, after believing that Super Hans was fired and he would be taking his place. A security guard grabs him by his testicles and drags him out of the venue. Jeremy crashes Professor McLeash's dinner party and, while April is in another room, outs Mark as being a loan manager, not a student.

When April returns, Mark quickly makes up a plan to escape. The two end up at April's dorm room, where Mark is too scared to make a move, and she ends up going to sleep, believing that she has "three more years" to see Mark again.