St Hospitals
Series 07, episode 01
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Episode details
Date aired 26 November 2010
Previous episode Das Boot
Next episode Man Jam

St Hospitals is the first episode of Series 7 of Peep Show.


Mark and Jeremy wait at the hospital for Sophie to give birth to her baby. This is going right from where the series finale of Series 6, Das Boot, left off, even though the episode was aired about a year later.

Mark is extremely anxious about his son's birth, telling Jeremy that he is a "pedophobe". Jeremy mistakes this to mean "pedophile" and says to Mark, "Yeah, I've always wondered" before Mark realizes what Jeremy inferred. Mark explains to Jeremy the birthing process, which disgusts Jeremy.

Sophie has Mark try to get her a pool for her to give birth in, and after a great deal of arguing with a nurse, Mark manages to get a pool. Meanwhile, Jeremy meets a young woman named Zahra in the waiting room. She is reading a book and waiting to see her boyfriend, Ben, who is in a coma. Jeremy is immediately interested in Zahra and goes with her to see Ben, all the while pretending to enjoy reading, to impress her (in reality, he barely reads at all).

When Mark returns, telling Sophie he got the pool, she no longer wants it and instead wants an epidural, but it is too late. Sophie's nurse is very kind, and tries to ease Mark's anxiety, but it doesn't work. He walks down the hallway and finds Jeremy reading a magazine article to Ben. When Mark finds out that Jeremy is only reading to a comatose man for the sake of getting a girl, he is relieved that his personality hasn't completely changed.

Zahra finds out that if Ben doesn't make any physical movements, he is not likely to ever come out of the coma. While hugging Zahra, Jeremy sees Ben's foot move. He wants to keep this secret from her, but feels too guilty and tells her. She is thrilled, and she appreciates Jeremy's help.

Mark leaves the hospital to go to the arcade and eat a family size bucket of KFC chicken. When he arrives at the hospital, expecting Sophie to be furious with him, he realizes she is under heavy drugs and is getting a C-section, so she has no idea how long he has been gone for. Mark makes the mistake of watching the surgery, which grosses him out, but he is overjoyed when he gets to hold his son for the first time, and even more overjoyed when Jeremy walks in to tell him that there has been minimal water damage in their apartment despite hiring an unreliable handyman to fix their broken boiler.