Spin War
Series 05, episode 02
Episode details
Date aired 9 May 2008
Previous episode Burgling
Next episode Jeremy's Broke

Spin War is the second episode of Series 5 of Peep Show.


Mark returns to work and tries to do damage control so that people don't think he jilted Sophie at the alter. He runs into a coworker, Lisa, who tells him he's "a real piece of shit". In addition, Sophie has broken his favorite mug in the office kitchen. At lunch he meets Dobby, a nerdy but cute IT worker, who is new to this branch of JLB and has never heard about Mark and Sophie before. Mark becomes interested in her immediately.

When Dobby and Mark end up in the stationary closet, Dobby rubs her rear end on his pelvic area and causes him to ejaculate in his pants. When rushing to wash himself off, he runs into Sophie and Jeff smoking pot in the stairwell. He tells them that he pissed himself so they don't learn the truth about what the stain on his pants is from.

Meanwhile, Barney, Sophie's cousin, arrives to meet Jeremy and show him his music. Jeremy is dismissive of him at first, but eventually realizes that his music is better than the music that he and Super Hans make. They offer Barney a spot as their personal assistant and make him go on grocery runs for them, so that they can use his music. They jokingly ask him if he was going to give oral sex to one of them, which one would it be? He says Super Hans, which offends Jeremy.

Mark takes Dobby to Jeremy's concert, where they will be playing Barney's music. They have a great time until they go to the bathroom to fool around and find Sophie throwing up. Sophie tells Dobby that she is Mark's wife, and Mark doesn't know how to explain the situation to Dobby. Meanwhile, Barney has locked himself away, traumatized after giving Super Hans oral sex and wanting to know if Super Hans loves him. Ian, Sophie's father, arrives, to pick up Sophie and Barney, and he sees Sophie distraught and Barney freaking out, asking Super Hans if he "did it right".