Series 7 is the seventh series of Peep Show. It revolves mostly around Jeremy's crush on Zahra and Mark's relationship with Dobby, which becomes official.


  • Man Jam- Ben gives Jeremy his dream job as the head of a music label but thing get weird when he signs his own band, Man Feelings, and sabotages them, perhaps accidentally. Mark and Gerard team up to break up Dobby and her new boyfriend Simon, but run into conflict when the couple breaks up and one of them needs to have dibs on Dobby.
  • A Beautiful Mind- Jeremy pretends to be intellectual to impress Zahra, which includes him offering to host a book club meeting at his apartment, to discuss a book that he cannot read. Mark worries about being too poor and sexually inept to satisfy Dobby and buys a dildo.
  • Nether Zone- On the day of Mark's son's Christening, Mark and Jeremy get locked inside Zahra's apartment lobby after Jeremy and Zahra have sex. Ben winds up discovering them, which means the end of Jeremy's job, and the end of his friendship with Zahra.
  • Seasonal Beatings- Mark is tense about the arrival of his judgmental father on Christmas Day. Jeremy is depressed over his mother's lack of Christmas spirit. Mark tries to get Dobby to deny their relationship to his parents to avoid conflict.
  • New Year's Eve- Zahra invites Jeremy to move in with her, which means Mark must find a new roommate. When he alienates Dobby, he must search for her at several New Years Eve parties in order to ask her to move in with him.


Dobby is a very prominent character in Series 7. Series 7 marks the first appearance of Mark's son, Ian James, although he is not named until the episode Nether Zone.

Sophie's father, Ian, makes an appearance in the episode Nether Zone.

Series 7 is the first series in which we meet Mark's parents.


Series 7 marks the beginning of Mark's relationship with Dobby, and the beginning and end of Jeremy's unofficial relationship with Zahra. Sophie is not particularly present in this series, but it is implied that she has some sort of relationship with Jeff that might go beyond friendship.