Series 5 is the fifth series of Peep Show, which focuses mostly on Mark's interest in coworker Dobby and Jeremy's need to make more money.


  • Burgling- Jeremy goes on a date with his old flame Paula and invites Mark to join, as Paula's friend Heather's date. Mark is unaware that Heather isn't really interested in him, which leads him going to extreme measures with a burglar he catches to try and impress her. Jeremy finds out he has an STD, but is reluctant to tell Big Suze.
  • Spin War- Mark arrives back at work hoping to do damage control so that Sophie doesn't ruin his reputation, regarding their marriage and annulment. This is when he meets Dobby, a cute nerdy coworker who is very sexually aggressive. Mark must hide his situation with Sophie from Dobby. In addition, Jeremy gets an assistant for his band, Barney, but becomes jealous when he finds out Barney is more sexually attracted to Super Hans than he is to Jeremy.
  • Jeremy's Broke- Jeremy has no more money, and resorts to stealing Johnson's debit card to buy stuff. Meanwhile, it's Mark's birthday, and he must find a date for his party, even if it means going speed dating and bringing home a crazy Australian woman named Saz.
  • Jeremy's Mummy- Jeremy's great aunt dies, giving him the possibility of a large inheritance, given to him through his mom, Jackie, who visits with her military man boyfriend Martin. The boys find a gun in the great aunt's belongings. Martin offers Mark the chance to write a book about his life, which Mark accepts, only to have things ruined when Martin's presumably lesbian daughter rapes Mark.
  • Mark's Women- Mark is promoted, and tries to get a relationship started with Dobby. However, an drunken one night stand with Sophie that gets her pregnant proves to ruin his chances of dating. Jeremy and Super Hans join a Scientology-like cult.


Series 5, specifically the episode Jeremy's Broke, marks the last appearance of Big Suze until the Series 7 episode, The Party. [[Series 5] also marks the first appearance of Dobby, who becomes a very prominent character. This is also the first season in which we meet Jeremy's mother Jackie.


Series 5 marks the beginning of Mark's flirting with Dobby, although they do not have a relationship. Mark gets into an "official" relationship with Saz in the episode Jeremy's Broke, but it does not last past the end of the episode.


In the episode Jeremy's Manager, Jeremy makes this comment to Cally: "Mark doesn't even like you. He draws viscous pictures of you, wraps them up in sausage meat, and calls you a sausage muncher". Jeremy made this identical comment to Sophie in the episode Funeral in Series 1.