Portrayed by -
Rachel Blanchard
Occupation -
IMAX Manager, Health Club Employee
First appearance-
Latest appearance-
Lives at -
Briefly with Jeremy and Mark
Relationships -
Jeremy, Matt Townsend (Fuck Monkey)

Nancy is Jeremy's former girlfriend and wife. She is inspired by New Age ideas, seemingly as a rebellion against her conservative, American upbringing. She's determined to be sexually liberated to break all sexual taboos with Jeremy, including abstaining completely from sex (the "last taboo").

She marries Jeremy for visa reasons and is portrayed as either unaware or uninterested in Jeremy's obsession with her. After the marriage she ends up a Crystal Meth addict managing an Imax in Bradford. She returns in Series 4 as an employee in a South London gym.  


Although her character is supposed to be American, the actress who portrays Nancy is Canadian and Rachel Blanchard has quite a noticable Canadian accent.