Jeremy in Love
Series 06, episode 03
Episode details
Date aired 2 October 2009
Previous episode The Test
Next episode The Affair

Jeremy in Love is the third episode of Series 6 of Peep Show.


Jeremy realizes he is in love with Elena, but she is nervous about saying the three magic words back. She just tells him that she is a "complicated person" and that he's too selfish for her to be in love with. To show her that he isn't selfish, he goes to a town far away to get her her favorite type of bread, but she still doesn't tell him she loves him.

Since Mark is still unemployed, Dobby encourages him to become a historical walking tour guide. Mark gets the job, but the people on his tour aren't impressed with how academic he is--they want him to speak more about Jack the Ripper. Realizing that this is the only way to keep the job, Mark begins acting theatrical and talking about murders, which makes the crowd like him.

Meanwhile, Jeremy discovers that Elena was caught looking at porn at work. He offers to cover for her, and he tells her boss that he has a "wanking problem" and was using her computer to look at porn. Her boss doesn't particularly believe him, but also doesn't care very much, and chooses not to fire her.

Meanwhile, Mark is worried that there is porn on his computer and that the woman running the historical tours found it. Although she didn't, Jeremy goes up to her and tells her that "the porn on Mark's computer was mine", ruining Mark's integrity and making him lose the chance of the job.